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Fire Art Festivals

'Burning Man' and 'Las Fallas' are festivals linked to the Fire. As part of the World Design Capital Valencia programme, I had the opportunity to attend Stuart Mangrum's (the director of the Philosophical Center of Burning Man Project) talk in Valencia to share his experiences after 30 years of this curious socio-cultural 'Burning Man' festival.

It was a very interesting and timely talk, since we are just about to live the big week of 'Las Fallas' here in Valencia.

Needless to say that all of us who were at the talk were able to quickly connect with this crazy and cool concept of doing something so culturally important and then burning it.

Obviously, there are many basic differences between the two events, but I want to point out what I think they have in common AFTER THE ASHES…

Both events are developed by the action of the people.

It is a collective experience, is the power of human interaction, a civic action.

A social and cultural powerful expression

There is a strong willingness and engagement in doing something together.

Both are an art space open to the public.

Creative community and innovation.

The creations made are born from the analysis of a contextual moment and the further criticism.

At the moment while the fire is doing its job, it produces a deep silence, reflection and purification moment, where body and mind connects.

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